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Why do people dress up in carnival costumes?

In earlier times, people in many parts of Germany dressed up in creepy carnival costumes and masks to chase away evil spirits and the long winter during the carnival season. However, since hardly anyone believes in ghosts these days, people wear costumes for the fun of partying and the desire to dress up. In addition, creepy masks and disguises for Halloween have made it from the USA to Europe and are now a natural part of the annual calendar. Since then, people dress up not only during carnival, but also on Halloween.

Is there a difference between a fancy dress costume and a carnival costume?

There is no difference between Fasching and Karneval, because these are only regional variations of one and the same term. In Bavaria, Austria and Saxony in particular, people tend to use the word Fasching, while the term Karneval refers especially to the Rhenish carnival. In some other regions one says to the carnival for example Fastnacht or Fasnacht. Therefore, it makes no difference whether you look for carnival costumes or carnival costumes in our shop. However, it does make a difference whether the carnival takes place in Cologne, Venice or Rio. Depending on the location and theme, a completely different carnival costume makes sense. For different mottos you can find costumes in different sizes for young and old in our online shop.

Alternatives to the carnival costume of the nurse

Who has not seen it hundreds of times, the carnival costume of the nurse? There is a huge selection of great, creative and good-looking alternatives to this perennial favorite among the carnival costumes. No matter whether one orients itself at the character from the own favourite novel and dresses up for example in the Katniss Everdeen Cosplaykostüm or perhaps in the grazilen Roman Lady's Costume, as historical disguise from past times appears, no borders are set to own creativity to carnival. If you don't have enough time to tailor such costumes yourself, you can find excellent alternatives to the carnival nurse costume at Carnival Costumes Ladies.

Carnival costumes XL

In our shop we also offer fancy dress costumes in plus sizes, so that everyone can discover the perfect fitting disguise for themselves. The Halloween Costumes XL are available in different colors and styles. From the carnival costume of Football Girl Costume Deluxe to the US-American Gangster Pinstripe Suit from Al Capone's times, hardly any wish remains unfulfilled here.

Carnival costumes for children

Even the little ones love carnival costumes. Whether in Knight in Armor Costume for Kids or as a princess in Original Frozen Elsa Premium Girls Costume from the Disney film Frozen, there is a wide range of carnival costumes for children. The costumes for babies and children range from classics like the Clown costume for girls to the Terror In The Tütü Baby Costume Green to Policeman Kinderkostüm. So your little ones can start expressing their scary, frightening or cute sides at a young age with the help of costumes. It also allows you to participate in carnivals or Halloween, as well as theme parties, in style and incognito. Your offspring's costume can be skillfully changed by Costume Accessories, and can also be used more often. For example, the cape of the Batman The Dark Knight Rises Children's Costume can be combined with vampire fangs for the next party and your offspring can easily transform into Count Dracula.

Be careful with uniforms as a carnival costume<

Carnival costumes like the policeman or the soldier are especially popular with the gentlemen of creation. Uniforms of all kinds leave a distinctly lasting impression on celebrating guests. Nevertheless, every year there are intentional or unintentional mix-ups with real public officials, which can lead to comical situations. However, anyone who simply wears a green pullover with the word "police" on it, for example, is in no danger of being prosecuted or mistaken for someone else. Care should also be taken when using Toy Guns as Costume Accessories. When carrying decorative weapons, make sure they are recognizable as such, or you will likely be denied entry to many an event.

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