Toy Weapons

Huge selection of safe toy weapons & toy guns as costume accessories! Shop now for Ninja Swords & Katanas, Cowboy Pistols & plastic Machetes. Toy guns & weapons for Kids & Adults!

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Toy Weapons & Costume Armor

Match Safe Toy Weapons to this Year’s Halloween Outfit

If you are looking for the perfect toy weapon to finish off your Halloween look, then you have come to the right place. Whether you are looking to be a strong Katniss Everdeen, a scary murderer Freddy Krueger, or a cool Star Wars Jedi, we have all of the right props to wear with your costume. All of our toy weapons are very real looking from our Anakin Skywalker Light Sword, to our Adventurer Sword, and our Huge Meat Cleaver. While all of our costume props are realistic, they are also completely safe and harmless to use for all ages. Our toy knives, toy swords, and toy guns are made of durable plastic and other materials to add to the overall realistic look of the props. Other materials include ribbons, fabrics, fake blood, metal, zinc, and painted plastic. Our toy guns are completed with a plastic orange tip to indicate that it’s a toy and you can use it worry-free.

Toy Weapons Available for Men and Women

Among our selection of toy weapons, it’s possible to find excellent machetes, toy guns, swords, knives, and bows. With our wide array of toy weapons there is something for everyone. Men may want to make their costume even better with the addition of the Knight Sword with Shield to a knight in shining armour costume or to be Indiana Jones with our Indiana Jones Machete and our I Indiana Jones Pistol, Halter And Belt. Why not check out our Caribbean Pirate Complete Set which includes a pirate sword, a pirate hook, a pirate patch, and a pirate clip earring, and reenact a few scenes as Captain Jack Sparrow? Ladies may wish to complete their Wonder Woman costume with our Wonder Woman Sword or use the Katniss Mockingjay bow to have the best Katniss Everdeen costume of all this Halloween. Our Hostel torture syringe will look great with our female Fetish Nurse Costume or as an addition to a scary .

Toy Guns

We have a broad selection of toy guns that will be the perfect touch to any Halloween costume this year. Many of them are made of zinc and plastic. They are both metal and plastic which adds to their great value as real looking, durable, and safe props for any Halloween costume you may wish to wear. Add our M8 revolver pistol 8-shot to your gangster pinstripe suit costume, or our Samuel Colt 12-shot revolver to your country-western cowboy costume. The Officer 8 8-shot pistol is a great prop made of zinc and plastic which would look great with a police officer or sheriff costume. The black plastic handle and metal barrel give the toy gun an excellent realistic look and an easy to hold design, making this one of our great toy guns.

Completing the Costume Set

Many of our toy weapons match other costume items on our website perfectly. Please find the completed look with our customized recommendations for what else you may need for your Costumes at the bottom of the website. It is possible to buy three or four of our products to have a complete matching costume set including outfit, toy weapon, Halloween Wigs & Beards, and other props to complete any costume look for Halloween or Carnival.

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