The Harry Potter wand is not the only wand that provides magical moments in the mystical world of fairy tales & adventures. Here you can find wands of wizards, elves, witches and sorcerers. Order your magic wand online now

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Wands as a tool of magicians, witches & wizards.

Nothing is as legendary as the magic wand. There is hardly a fairy tale or fable in which one of the characters does not possess a magic wand or even several magic wands. No matter if it is a wizard, a witch, a magician or a fairy, all of them are usually equipped with magical powers and can conjure up good or evil with the help of a magic wand.

Harry Potter Wands

Meanwhile, the most famous owner of a wand is Harry Potter. His wand and those of his companions have become coveted collectibles and are revered all over the world. In the Harry Potter world of J.K. Rollins, almost all characters possess a wand and use it in an exciting race to cast the most powerful spells.
The Harry Potter wands are now available in a wide variety of editions. Starting with very cheap Harry Potter wands with light and sound, which are specially made for younger Harry Potter fans, it goes up to the exclusive Ollivander edition, where even the wand boxes look confusingly similar to those from the movies. Also coveted among Harry Potter wands are the Character Edition wands, which feature an enclosed gold nameplate of the original owner, allowing you to decorate each wand as a collectible in a custom wall mount. Treat yourself to one of the popular Harry Potter wands of Snape, Ginny, Dumbledore and Ron to name just a few of the characters.

Wands as costume accessories

Now you too can own a wand costume accessory and dress up as a sorcerer's apprentice, magical scholar, or feared witch. Long before the Harry Potter wand made its way around the world, wands were a popular costume accessory for kids and adults alike.
A magician on the theatre stage or circus ring needs a magic wand just as often as Punch and Judy in the puppet theatre. Dress up as a magician or a witch for Halloween and carnival and choose the most beautiful one for you from our large selection of magic wands.
Starting with the classic black wand with white ends, we also have fantasy wands with precious stones, gothic wands with pentagrams and secret characters, as well as walking sticks like Gandalf's and Maleficant's that can also be used as wands when equipped with magical powers.

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