Glitter Pink Horns

Item #: 21294

Glitter Pink Horns

Pink Devil Horns for Bachelorette

With the pink glitter horns of farewell can come from stag life.Celebration now with pink devil horns once again a happy relaxed evening and let it rip properly.With the pink horns devilishly handsome everyone celebrated a bachelorette party here and it should go right again zünftig white.

The pink glitter horns are attached to a hair ring, which every aspiring devil with a little hair can put on the head itself.The Hair Combs himself is black.The Squirrel result, together with the Sexy Catsuit Pink , A pair Fingerless fishnet gloves neon pink and Xotic Eyes Glitter Make Up a great bachelorette costume.

  • Material : Plastic
  • Color Pink, Black