giant Kotzfleck

Item #: 17500

giant Kotzfleck

A classic among joke articles

Our huge Kotzfleck is ideal to cause nasty horror at your fellow man.Want to annoy your colleagues, shock partygoers or revenge on someone? With the disgusting Kunstkotze you will achieve this goal very well and have especially a lot of fun!

The artificial Kotzfleck plastic has a considerable size (diameter ca.45-50 cm) and is topped with real leftovers look even nastier.Thus its uses and the ick factor be increased, the corresponding reactions of your friends are you sure! More fun stuff classics such as the popular Dungbombs or Whoopee Cushion Novelty Item we also provide for you in the range!

1 x Giant Kotzfleck

  • Color: Yellow-green
  • Size: Ø ca.45-50 cm
  • Material: plastic