3D Tattoos gunshot wounds

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3D Tattoos gunshot wounds

This gunshot wound you survive without Bulletproof vest.

After a gunfight it can cause a fatal injury, who they Survivor, t had a whole army of guardian angels.So stay away from doing business with the Mafia, because bred gunshot wounds there with us, without pain. Gunshot wounds are deep, bleeding lacerations, at the sight of gunshot wounds may one of shivers down your spine ,

The innovative 3D Tattoo wounds are latex-free applications, which are glued without glue with water to the skin.The 3D wound applications can demand with Film Blood / FX Blood 240 ml be beefed up in order to let the wounds even more realistic.Want a head gunshot wound? No problem! Just a wound cut, peel from the backing sheet, flipped again sticking to the carrier film, if necessaryRemove air bubbles and remove the protective film on the bottom of wounds application, place it on the desired area.Then moisten the carrier film with water and remove carrier foil carefully.The description is in English and a pictorial description can be found on the back of the package.3D wounds tattoos are perfect for your next Halloween, carnival or carnival event.Enjoy Schocken.

Product information:

  • latex-free
  • 3D wounds tattoos are super easy to apply with water
  • Latexfree wounds tattoos can be augepeppt with fake blood
  • From makeup artists in Hollywood developed sensational film quality


  • Do not use in the eye area
  • Skin must be cleaned prior to use, free of grease and makeup to be free
  • Do not use on hairy areas