SFX Kit accident wounds Schminkset

Item #: 10946

SFX Kit accident wounds Schminkset

Special Make Up Set to self drastic accident wounds to make up realistic

The accident wounds SFX Make-Up is the perfect stage make-up to make-up in order latex applications, scars and worst injuries and to shock your enemy!

The set contains the most important means to a hollywood mature accident or equip a splatter film or to mimic mythical creatures in live role-playing!
The makeup kit includes a skin adhesive (mastic), 1 bottle of blood gel, 1 bottle of fake blood, make-up 4 different colors in red, yellow, purple and black, sponge, Stipelsponge (to represent v.Abrasions) and remover for removing mastic.Super-inclusive price!

Package included: 1 x SFX Kit accident wounds Schminkset
  • Content: Blood gel: 30ml, fake blood: 30 ml, mastic: 3.7 ml, Mastixentferner: 30 ml, Make Up: 15 g
A test for an allergic skin reaction in the elbow is recommended as the skin adhesive for sensitive skin can cause temporary redness.If you are in the test in the crook of your arm to show a violent redness, we advise against the use of skin adhesive.,