Zombie masks and zombie make-up for the Zombie Walk

When Zombie Walk be Horror enthusiasts meet in the cities of North America and Europe to disguise and makeup as the undead to roam the streets. The first zombie walk took place on August 19, 2001 in Sacramento, California, while you could first admire a horde of zombies in the city of Cologne in January 2006 in Germany. Meanwhile, the zombie events are so popular that have in some big city already gathered up to 10,000 people.

In this country, new to the business is the Zombie Run, where participants will run a distance of five kilometers, during which must escape bloodthirsty zombies. Here you can register both as a runner as well as undead. While the first group has to try to come up with three flags attached to a belt to your destination, it is for the zombie Actor runners to snatch all flags, resulting in infection and excretion of the person sought.

Ingenious zombie accessories for the living dead

For the Zombie Walk and Zombie Run course there is a huge selection of zombie items with which you can throw right creepy in shell - every wish to draw with realistic make-up and authentic accessories maximum attention to his zombie costume.

For those who want to be very near to her film role models in the zombie events, we have also original licensed masks and costumes from films like Day of the Dead and TV shows à la The Walking Dead Releases.