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The mutants are back and thanks to director Bryan Singer as good as never before, for "X-Men: future is the past" by its impressive characters, great locations and awesome action.

After a long struggle, the people have won in their confrontation with the mutants the upper hand. Against the merciless Sentinel robots also the X-Men have no chance. are the last chance for victory is thanks to a journey through time in 1973, in the Logan aka Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) and Kitty Pryde (Ellen Page) try to change the course of history in their favor ...

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Together we are strong - superhero movies with group character

Long ago it came to Hollywood on the taste, equal to pack several superheroes in a movie - one need only think of "Watchmen" and "The Avengers". This is also true for the adventures of the "X-Men" who are fighting now in its fifth year together for their right to exist as a mutant. Allen Marvel fans is the latest string "X-Men: future is past" highly recommended, because there is beside the intelligent plot and spectacular pictures both a reunion with old friends as well as a number of new mutants with amazing abilities. And director Bryan Singer, who was also responsible for the first two "X-Men" movies, the different characters and time levels linked very positively with each other so that the superhero film for cinema visitor is a real blockbuster tidbits without prior knowledge.

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To celebrate the launch of X-Men: future is the past, on May 22 we are giving away 3-packed X-Men fan packages each consisting of 1x X-Men Headphones with Leuchtefekt, 1x X-Men movie ticket for 2 people and 1 X-Men movie poster. To enter the contest, you have to correctly answer only the following question:

Who led the fourth part of the series "X-Men: First Class" director?

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