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The Wave Gothic Meeting, which takes place every year at Whitsun in Leipzig, belongs to the M`era Luna Festival in Hildesheim of the largest music festivals in the black scene in Germany.

Meanwhile, it is known worldwide and it also traveled already visitors from South America and Australia in order to pay homage to your scene greats. Currently found at each meeting about 20,000 visitors, which, and this is a special feature of this Gothic festivals, celebrations spread throughout the city, as the concerts and other events such as exhibitions and readings take place in various locations of the city of Leipzig ,

The meeting of the black scene in Germany

For black scene, which consisted initially of pure Gothic and Wave fans, more and more people from other genres of music and so-called alternative movements were joined over the years. Thus one finds at the Wave Gothic Meeting in addition to the beautiful dark queen in Gothic costume also studded and masked with Halloween makeup Black metallers, the fetish Uniform addition of sweet Gothic Lolita, the medieval freak in Viking costume celebrating with a couple in polish costume from the BDSM scene.

Gothic Lolita versus Vikings

The Wave Gothic Festival lasts four days and is THE big event of the city of Leipzig. It is now so well known that even the mainstream media reports voyeuristic about it and wonder friends about the strange mixture of Gothic Fashion Freaks, metal heads, medieval fans, fetish and BDSM followers, punks and neofolk.

Gothic Fashion pur the Horror Shop

Let yourself be carried away by the dark aesthetics of the Gothic Fashion and dive into a world of poetry, the bizarre, the darkness and the desire to take on the role of another person to get away from it. Explore our Horror Shop and you'll surely a fitting Gothic costume, such as the artificial leather greatcoat, for your personality to find thousands of other Gothic freaks to celebrate the Wave Gothic Meeting.

The team from the horror shop wishes you an exciting and dark Pentecost weekend on the Wave Gothic Treffen - carpe noctem!