Walpurgis Night

Walpurgis is a traditional festival, which is celebrated on the night of April 30 to May 1 in North and Central Europe and dates back to the Celtic Beltane festival. The name derives from Saint Walburga, an English Benedictine, from. The Beltane Festival is one of four Celtic annual festivals, which purification, fertility and renewal symbolized in the annual cycle - the other festivals are Imbolc, Lughnasadh and Samhain. The latter is also known under the name Halloween. Here you learn more about our selection of costumes for witches.

God and Goddess - Walpurgisnacht costumes for the festival

The symbolism of fertility is very dominant in the Walpurgisnacht. So in many pagan groups of Maypole is seen as a phallic symbol - a symbol of the union of God with the goddess, Mother Earth. Even the maypole symbolizes the World Tree and as a symbol of fertility, in which nature is reflected as a whole. Love acts on the fields as a symbolic fertility acts were not uncommon and in northern Germany there was the tradition over the so-called Bride Stone jumping - naked girl jumped over these monoliths and wished it your lover.

Coven - celebrate in devil costume

It was inevitable, of course, the demonized from the perspective of the Catholic Church in the wake of Christianization such "devilish" rituals as Walpurgisnacht and prohibited. From an ancient pagan fertility festival was called the witches' sabbath, and was pretty much in the era of witch-hunting any abstruse view on sexuality, women and nature commonplace in popular belief - spread by the Inquisition.

Welcome to the Blocksberg - with your witch costume

Today, the Walpurgisnacht is like many others have become a mixture of ancient traditions, pagan customs and in many places simply an event. It is mixed, like crazy - here are "Hexenfeuer" kindled and symbolically burned wood witches to drive away evil and see the Brocken annually large Walpurgisnacht celebrations instead.

With our costume you can perfectly into the Walpurgisnacht start - sensual erotic fertilize the Earth as a goddess or god or diabolical demonic celebrate the Sabbath as Gothic or swamp witch. Of course, the Horned should not be missed - for this we have to make the best devil masks advertise to you from witches people. And with all the excesses of the Lord of Darkness must also look good, and how can it better than our Lord Devil Devil Costume , Includes matching, have the obligatory Cane scorpionfish or optionally a Trident devil fork to instruct to disobedient witch! And what Walpurgis Night would be without food? Bride your witches' brew or prepare the famous flight ointment in Cauldron medium chain , Had only to clarify how you are coming to Blocksberg? No problem with our Witches broom with bamboo style Which carries you swiftly through the air to the scene.

With the best equipment can therefore start the Walpurgisnacht - the team from the horror shop wishes you a pleasant, rushing full night of the senses.