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Vampire Academy on 13 March at the cinema

Cool showers and plenty of palpitations: It seems that led the 17-year-old Rose and her best friend Lissa a normal teenage life. But the two girls have a rather unusual timetable. Since it happened before that a little blood will hang on her every word - especially when one is adapted ... Because Rose is no ordinary girl: she is half vampire, half human. At the Vampire Academy they formed a fighter to protect the peaceful vampires of Moroi against the enemy vampires of Strigoi. These have just apart the lives of Lissa, which is intended to one day become Queen of the Moroi. As if that was not enough excitement in Rose's life, she also brings her trainer and mentor Dimitri messed up pretty ...

Contest to "Vampire Academy":

Vampires are not only since Twilight from the movie genre indispensable. To celebrate the release of Vampire Academy we raffle among all participants 3 great film packages, each with 1x cinema posters, 1x Vampire Academy cinema ticket and 1x Vampire Academy Soundtrack. All you have to do to enter the contest to answer the following question correctly:

What is probably the most famous vampire?

Thank you for participating, the competition has ended.
The correct answer is Dracula.
The winners have been notified via e-mail from us.

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