Wimpelkette O `taps is

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Wimpelkette O `taps is

Decorate your garden like a folk festival with the Bavarian Wimpelkette

If you do not want to Oktoberfest in Munich, because Munich is too far away, then simply organizing your own Oktoberfest at your house.With the Oktoberfest angle chain you already have the most important message hung from the ceiling: The keg is tapped, bring your glasses, let us celebrate.

The Wimpelkette O'zapft is has double-sided blue and white pennants.On each pennant is a print with the blue and white diamonds of the Bavarian flag, it is a gingerbread heart with an edelweiss and the inscription "O'zapft is!" to see.We Also there is a O'zapft is series as the Beer Jug ​​O`zapft Is , Party garland O `taps is and the Snack Brettl O `taps is .

  • Scope of delivery : 1 x Wimpelkette O'zapft is
  • Color : White, Blue
  • Material : Plastic
  • Length : About6 m
  • Dimensions pennant : Length about27 cm, width about22 cm