Traditional Bavarian Costume Resi

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Traditional Bavarian Costume Resi

A tasty bird in a Bavarian dirndl

During the Oktoberfest season the city of Munich is heaving with girls in Bavarian dresses, but naturally you can wear a dirndl all year long. There are lots of occasions where a traditional Bavarian dress is absolutely appropriate. The girls kind of compete who wears the most extravgant dirndl and who dares to show mor cleavage than anybody else. With the Traditional Bavarian Costume Resi you definitely stabnd a chance to win this competition.

Unlike the original Bavarian dirndls our Traditional Bavarian Costume Resi has an off the shoulder top so you can bare as much as you dare. The top party of the dress is made of dark blue fabric and features a white lace-up front so you can adjust it to your physique. The skirt is black with an attached red apron. The Trachtentasche heart shape black ros, Edelweiss Necklace with Rhinestones and the Elegant White Earrings With Strass make your look complete.

  • Material: 100% polyester
  • Colour: blue, white, red, black
  • Measurements: German ladies' size 44, shoulder width from approx. 44 cm to approx. 58 cm, waist from approx. 34 cm to approx. 40 cm, total length approx. 71 cm