Porcelain beer mug O`zapft is

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Porcelain beer mug O'zapft is

With the Oktoberfest stein you can initiate proper style

Who deals with the particularly good Bavarian beer with respect, fills it in a real Bavarian beer mug.The Oktoberfest beer mug is made of real porcelain, but has only half the capacity of a measure jug.So it is easier to handle and the beer is not as fast.In his gift carton the festival remained pitcher is a great souvenir for the dahoam.

The porcelain beer mug O'zapft is is a classic Bavarian beer mug, as it is often used him in Bavaria at home.On the Pitcher porcelain is around an imprint with the blue and white diamonds of the Bavarian flag.Front and rear is a gingerbread heart with an edelweiss and the inscription "O'zapft is".The Seidel has about half a liter.The Oktoberfest souvenir mug comes in a beautiful blue and white gift box.More Oktoberfest accessories are the Oktoberfest Paper Napkins , The Decoration Set Bavaria 16-piece and the Beer Glass O `taps is .

  • Scope of delivery : 1 x porcelain beer mug O'zapft is
  • Material : Porcelain
  • Color : White, Blue
  • Content : About0.5 L