Damask Papiertischdecke White

Item #: 28370

Damask Papiertischdecke White

Practical one-way table-top roll for Bierfest & Oktoberfest Party

So your table always looks finely laid out. The eye eats and finally drinks. And with the right base, your party, whether for the Oktoberfest, for the wedding or for your birthday, is also optically top, you are on the safe side with the Damask Papietischdecke. As a subtle underlay on the table, your perfectly decorated party provides the ideal basis.

The high-quality Damask Papiertischdecke in white is completely unrolled from the roll. It has a size of 1 x 10m and is made of fine pulp. This makes it 100% recyclable, which is also great for the environment. It can be combined with our other highlights for your own Oktoberfest. For example, the Oktoberfest cardboard cup Or the Oktoberfest Paper Napkins and the Oktoberfest Papp plate

Scope of supply: 1x Damask Papiertischdecke weiß

  • Content: 1 roll
  • Colour: White
  • Size: 1 x 10 m
  • Material: cellulose
  • 100% Recyclable
  • Quality: 40 g / m

The article is to be kept away from fire and open flames.