Bavarian Tablecloth Lozenge Style

Item #: 8801912

Bavarian Tablecloth Lozenge Style

A festive table decoration for beer festival fans

Every year the biggest beer festival all over the world, the Munich Oktoberfest attracts locals as well as visitors from all over the world. They look at the colourful Lebkuchenherz stands, go on the fun fair rides or have a beer with their friends. Take a bit of Bavarian Gemütlichkeit home and organize an Oktoberfest party for your friends. With our Bavarian lozenge style tablecloth you an creat an authentic beer festival atmosphere.

The white and blue lozenge pattern tablecloth is made of robust paper pulp. The Oktoberfest table cloth is big enough to cover a few beer tables so you can entertain quite a lot of people.  Add the Oktoberfest Papp plate and the Oktoberfest Paper Napkins to your order and your beer festival decoration will be complete.

  • Includes: one Bavarian Tablecloth Lozenge Style
  • Colour: white/blue
  • Material: paper pulp
  • Size: 1,20 x 10,00 m