Sardines Hanging Decoration

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Sardines Hanging Decoration

Have you ever seen that many sardines hanging on one strand of seaweed?

You want to throw a party for your friends and need some cool decoration ideas? Well here's what you need to make your party un unforgettable event!

The Sardines Hanging Decoration will look great on walls or when hanging from a lamp or the ceiling. There are approx. 10 sardines and 2 crayfish hanging on one strand of seaweed. This way it looks as if all the sardines where trying to eat up the seaweed. The crayfish, fish and leaves of seaweed can be taken off the strand and rearranged individually. On the top end of the Sardines Hanging Decoration is a small hole for easy hanging.The Sardines Hanging Decoration is approx. 38 cm long, the single fishes are approx. 12 cm long, each. Match the Sardines Hanging Decoration with the Starfish Red for an authentic underwater feeling!

The Sardines Hanging Decorationincludes: starnd of seaweed with fishes and crayfishes

Material: plastic