Party Picker Italy XL

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Party Picker Italy XL

Toothpick flags in Italian country color as a party decoration

No matter whether you're a real big fan of Italian or Italy, with the party-pickers Italy with the green / white / red colors of the country as a motif can be perfectly celebrate a spirited, Italian Theme Party.The Italians love to stock up for various holidays with flags and patriotic decoration.The party picker Italy XL ensure are stylishly served in the Italian national colors delicious pasta and pizza slices.Opportunities to use the toothpick flags with the Italian flag, there are many! You can decorate the party picker for an Italian night, the carnival in Venice or a sports event.The Italian national colors green / white / red mood for a your "italo Night" romantic feelings of Amore and romance.

Order now the party picker Italy XL and so decorate your table decorations and the pizza buffet.The patriotic party picker flag a size of 5 cm x 3.5 cm and a length of about Toothpick10 cm, and thus differ significantly from the conventional small toothpick flags.The party picker Spain XL are so, like Spain itself, a true greatness.

Package included: 1 x pack party picker Italy XL
  • Content.50 Pieces
  • Color: Green / White / Red
  • Size: Banner respectively, 5 cm x 3, 5 cm, toothpick about10 cm
  • Material: wooden sticks and paper