Red Stag Christmas Decoration

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Red Stag Christmas Decoration

The temperatures are dropping and soon it will be time for kitschy and cool Christmas decorations. The Red Stag Christmas Decoration will get even the grumpiest Christmas haters in a soppy and festive mood. As you don't want you Christmas party to become all grave and serious, you need funny and kitschy Christmas decorations. The red deer is a great accessory to decorate all sorts of Christmas parties or mulled wine parties and your kids will love this flashy and colourful Christmas decoration. The Red Stag Christmas Decoration will look great on your Christmas dinner table or your Christmassy windowsill and it also makes a cute pressie to do a secret Sant. With or great selection of Santa Claus costumes, angel wings and crazy gift ideas we want to help you fight the deadly boredom of Christmas!

Size approx. 12 cm x 18 cm

Material: plastic