Bell Decoration Red

Item #: 8800714

Bell Decoration Red

A decorative Christmas bells hanging decoration!

For a perfect Christmas Day you need a festive decoration. You could decorate your home or workplace with lots of Christmas accessories like this bell hanging decoration. You can dress up windows, doors, walls and ceilings with this lovely red Bell decor and create a festive atmosphere!

The two red bells are decorated with fake fir twigs and attached to a matching bow so you can hang this lovely Christmas ornament wherever you please. The decorative bells are made of plastic and therefore very light. The bells do not ring. Their beautiful design is guaranteed to create a lovely pre-Christmas atmosphere all through Advent and on Christmas Day they will make your home look extra festive. Our Glittering Christmas Bell and the Bell Polyester Wadding will make your bell decor complete.

  • Includes: 1 hanging decoration with two bells
  • Material: plastic
  • Colour: red
  • Size (per bell): height approx. 15 cm, diameter approx. 15 cm