Angel Figurine Gold

Item #: 18591

Angel Figurine Gold

A cute Raphael Style angel figurine for Christamssy decorations!

This enchanting little angel is a lovely decoration idea for your home. It will look lovely on any shelf, table or glass cabinet. The golden angel is also great to decorate shop windows. Angels are popular collector's items and their innocent looks and good vibes  make a lot of people happy. The Angel Figurine Gold is a lovely little present for Christmas parties.

This gold-coloured Christmas angel is approx. 3 x 4 cm and looks a little like one of Raphael's famous "Cherubini", which makes the cheeky angel a popular collector's item. The bottom side of the figurine is plain, so it can be put on any smooth surface. Have a look at this lovely angel and many other beautiful Christmas decorations like the  Christmas Tealight or the sweet Christmas Mouse with Santa Hat. in our online shop.

Dimensions: 4,0 x 3,5 cm