Twenties Dress Red XXL

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Twenties Dress Red XXL

Flapper: Jazz and Charleston drink, and smoke

In the Roaring Twenties established with the Flappern a new, rebellious female: The corset was abolished, the clothes hung only to the knee, the hair was worn short, for the first time, women wore make-up.The wild girls danced all night in jazz clubs, smoked like a chimney and drank her admirer under the table.

At the time of flappers, the Charleston and jazz remembers the red dress from Charleston velvety fabric.The dress is cut asymmetrically with gradually sloping hem and shoulder part.At the hem and the neck, the dress is decorated with the then typical fringes that glisten through knitted-gold threads.At one shoulder red Charleston dress has a feather headdress, on the other shoulder a scarf is sewn with feathers.A headband made of red velvet with feathers completes the chic costume.As other accessories for the perfect costume are the Retro Handbag with Fringe , A Charleston Hat Black , The typical extendable cigarette holder and a few extendable cigarette holder a real asset.

  • Scope of delivery : Dress, headdress
  • Material : 100% Polyester
  • Color Red
  • Mass : Gr.46, shoulder width about40 cm, waist approx53 cm, total length about112 cm