Mafia Suit T-Shirt XL

Item #: 8801234 XL

Mafia Suit T-Shirt XL

Mobsters of today have to dress in style to look really nasty.

In organized crime there's always a hierarchy enforced by strict discipline: at the bottom of this command structure you find the executing soldiers who receive orders and at the top end there's the godfather issuing them. It goes without saying that enemies of the "family" and other Mafia clans have to be put in their place. If you want to dress better than the other clans, best get this stylish Mafia Suit T-Shirt XL...looks just like the finest Italian cloth....

This plus size ganster shirt features a dark brown suit, white shirt and black and white striped tie print for a perfect mafia look. To add the finishing touch to your mobster costume you need a hat like our Human Shark Mask

Product information:

Includes: Mafia Suit T-Shirt XL
Colour: dark brown
Material: 100% polyester
Size: XL = total length: approx. 75 cm - width: approx. 55 cm - shoulder width: approx. 54 cm - sleeve length: approx. 60 cm