Schlagermove Festival

In colorful and wild costumes omitted celebrate pop music - that's the Schlagermove in Hamburg's St. Pauli district, which takes place every year since 1997th And with the Schlagermove accessories from our shop you can easily perfect for cool events in shell throw.

Schlagermove accessories for real party animals

Everything is allowed to the Party days in Hamburg, which is fun - this is also true for the other event's cities like Munich, Berlin, Cologne and Frankfurt. Schlagermove accessories in 70s style are particularly popular. Because of course may not be missing colorful flares, iconic wigs, cool sunglasses and sexy disco costumes.

In Hamburg, a spectacular parade with numerous trucks takes place. Towards evening draws the celebration funny quantity to Heiligengeistfeld St. Pauli, where every year Schlager sizes as bata illic and Michael Wendler the public at the After Move rock the house.

When Schlagermove - also called Schlagerparade - the imagination knows no limits: Among other things, leis, grass skirts and straw hats are like used Schlagermove accessories for him and her.

Schlagermove accessories in Samba Look

Another highlight is the Samba train, a railway with dancing car, which runs from North Rhine-Westphalia over Lower Saxony to Hamburg. Also in this event you can dress up perfectly with our Schlagermove accessories.

The Schlagermove is so popular that they celebrate him in Germany throughout the year at numerous events.