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Scary Movie 5 - from 25 April at the cinema!

With seven years break lying between Scary Movie 4 and Scary Movie 5, that was probably the longest time that has elapsed between the parody films Scary Movie. So in recent years, has enough footage to go through the cinema to give a parody justification.

In keeping with the film's release on April 25, you can in our Horror Shop 5x2 free tickets to win Scary Movie 5!

Now is the witching hour!

Jody (ASHLEY TISDALE) and Dan (SIMON REX) are a happily married couple. When they come to the children of Dan's brother, who lived three years alone in the wilderness home, happen at once bizarre things. Soon engages the chaos spreading to the jobs of the two and propagates in Jody's ballet company and Dans ape research center. This can only mean that the evil spirit of "Mama" of children stalked her new family. With the help of experts in the paranormal and a plurality of cameras in the house, they go in search of clues to put an end to the evil ...

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Sweepstakes to Scary Movie 5

In keeping with the film's release on April 25 we raffle among all participants 5x2 free tickets to Scary Movie 5. All you have to do for it, the following question must be answered correctly:

Which film is not parodied in Scary Movie:

a) Mama

b) The Ring

c) Black Swan

The competition has ended, the correct answer is b) The Ring.

Thank you for participating your team of!

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