Bloody Halloween Bag

Item #: 18917

Bloody Halloween Bag

The Halloween bag with bloody body parts is the perfect accessory to collect your sweets when trick or treating.

The Halloween tradition of children going from door to door to collect treats or, if necessary, play a trick to the homeowner, becomes more and more popular even in Europe. Our Bloody Halloween Bag is the perfect accessory to safely carry home your loot.

Trick or treating, the Halloween tradition of children in costumes travelling from house to house in order to ask for sweets or other treats, is a customary practice in many countries. This Halloween canvas bag is is the perfect accessory for this night-time hunt for candy. The bag is covered with blood stains and features bloodies gauze rags, a chopped of finger and a bloody ear. The horror bag with two handles is approx. 38 cm long and 29 cm wide. Check out more trick or treating accessories such as the pumpkin bucket and the Pumpkin Cup in our shop!

Material: cotton, plastic