Light up Tombstone Cross

Item #: 19632

 Light up Tombstone Cross

A tombstone with LED lighting for spooky cemetery scenes!

Graveyards are spooky yet romantic places with a quiet and peaceful atmosphere. But a cemetery in your own home is a different matter. A graveyard scene is a great decoration idea for a Halloween party.  It is guaranteed to create a scary ambiance and you can add new accessories every year. A fake tombstone is definitely a good way to start your private burial ground. This tombstone cross features a skull with red flashing LED lights which is guaranteed to make your spooky decoration look extra impressive. 

The weathered tombstone cross is silver-grey and features lots of nostalgic ornaments. The skull at its centre has LED eyes which light up red when switched on. The discreet lighting creates an extra creepy atmosphere. Your guests will love it! The two t-shaped plastic stakes on the bottom side of the gravestone can be fixed inside of it tomake it stand upright withour problems. You can also simply lean the tombstone cross against a wall and decorate your graveyard scene with some Decoration Moss 125g and Bag of Bones. If you add our Flexible Skeleton 152 cm and the Eyeless Stand Animatronic to your decoration, your party guests are guaranteed to have frightful fun!

Additional information on the Light up Tombstone Cross:

  • Tombstone with red LED lighting (incl. batteries are only for testing!)
  • Material: polyfoam (indoor decoration, do not use outdoors!)
  • Dimensions: approx. 89 cm x 49 cm x 4 cm
  • Spooky decoration for graveyard scenes