Skull & Bones wine goblet

Item #: 22383

Skull & Bones wine goblet

Clear Skull Goblet for your Halloween Party

The Skull & Bones wine goblet is suitable for any Halloween party and pirate party.By Skull Design on a stick the plastic glass for different motto Party`s is used.Have your guests drink the wine as a vampire blood or rum pirate from the cool Skull & Bones wine goblet.

The Skull & Bones wine goblet is made of plastic.The stem consists of a skull and is completely transparent.The plastic glass is super stable due to the wide ring on the floor and does not wobble around.You can but your theme party with the Skull Pitcher clear or the Cobwebs Plate with black spiders to decorate.

  • Scope Of Supply: 1 x Skull & Bones cup
  • Color: Clear
  • Material: Plastic
  • with ca.325 ml filled