Paper Cups with Spider Motif

Item #: 21356

Paper Cups with Spider Motif

Disposable paper cups are the only cure for washing up

Even the best party turns into a nightmare when it comes to washing the dishes the day after. Here's the solution to this problem. Our spider paper cups are perfect for all those of you who hate washing up. Unwrap, use, throw in the bin! That's how easy it is!

The Paper Cups with Spider Motif are made of light weight cardboard. The cups are black with multi colour spiders. One cup holds approx. 0,3 litres. The cups have a reinforced bottom so the liquid will not trickle through. If you are looking for matching paper plates, check out our  Happy Halloween Paper Plates.

  • Includes: 8 Paper Cups with Spider Motif
  • Material: 100% cardboard
  • Colour: black
  • Quantity: 8 pcs