Paper Cups Hot Pumpkin

Item #: 19811

Paper Cups Hot Pumpkin

The right party cups for cold drinks and hot party nights!

One thing is sure -  on Halloween and carnival we want to party all night long. Fantastic! We get all excited, decorate our flats and prepare a party table. But don't use gran's porcellain cups! One or the other piece might break when all your party guests take over your place. A burning hot pumpkin face paper cup is what you want to create a stylish Halloween table decoration!

Our fiery Pumpkin Paper Cups hold 345 ml and are extremely sturdy. The cool single-use party mugs is a really hot Halloween tableware that will look best when matched with the Paper Plates Hot Pumpkin and the Napkins Hot Pumpkin. Check out our shop for lots of great decoration ideas for your next Halloween, carnival or theme party. Happy decorating!

Additional information:

  • Hot paper cups with burning pumpkin face
  • Holds approx. 345 ml
  • Disposable cups suitable for hot and cold drinks
  • 8 super cool paper cups

Caution: Not suitable for microwave ovens and dishwashers!