Bottle Labels 4 PCS Set

Item #: 19186

Bottle Labels 4 PCS Set

Turn normal drinks into horror beverages!

Real zombies and vampires won't touch coke or lemonade, so what you need for your Halloween party are drinks like Zombie Tonic and Bone Juice. Our cool bottle labels will turn any normal drink into some spooky horror brew.

Our Bottle Labels 4 PCS Set includes four self-adhesive labels with different writings and motifs. The labels are approx. 18 cm x 14,6 cm, so they work best for 2 litre bottles. Just cover the original borttle label with one of our extraordinary labels. If you are looking for more creepy table decorations, check out our Cup of Eyeballs and the yucky Slimy Human Organs!

Set includes: 4 different, self adhesive labels

Dimensions: 18 cm x 14,6 cm, each