Saw TV and window film

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SAW TV and window film

Turn your TV into a place of horror!

The ultra sadistic serial killer John Kramer, also known as Jigsaw, from the US movie hit "SAW" is always an order to deliver messages to torture his victims or bamboozled to the police his little ventriloquist's dummy Billy.A film of the series SAW without the sinister ventriloquist's dummy Billy in black suit and red squiggles on the cheek is unthinkable! Here comes a printed with Jigsaw Scene film that keeps on most smooth surfaces such as windows or television screens without adhesive.The film can therefore be removed again without residue.It's clear that we for you also SAW Jigsaw Mask , the fitting SAW Jigsaw Puppet Costume Medium and the devious SAW Pig Costume. M ! What would be a real killer without his tools as a Torture Razor , of the Torture Bone or Bloody butcher knife ,

Product description:

  • Size: 29cm x 31cm