SAW door decoration with LEDs

Item #: 15496

SAW door decoration with LEDs

Creepy door sheet with Billy the ventriloquist's dummy

The ultra sadistic serial killer Jigsaw used repeatedly his little ventriloquist's dummy Billy in order to deliver messages to convey to his victims.A film of the series SAW without the ventriloquist's dummy Billy in black suit and red curls on the cheeks is unthinkable! Here the right door decoration comes for every Saw fan.The plastic film is simply hung on the door and already leaves the nasty doll her red sinister LED eyes light up.It's clear that we for you also SAW Jigsaw Mask , the fitting SAW Jigsaw Puppet Costume Medium and the devious SAW Pig Costume. M to lead! What would be a real killer without his tools, such as the Torture Razor , of the Torture Bone , Or the Killers Bloody butcher knife ,

The film is about182cm x 72cm in size.Batteries not included.