Witch with Broom Decoration

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Witch with Broom Decoration

Halloween and Walpurgis Night are any evil witches' or enchanted fairies' favourite bank holidays, so the black and white witch is a is a very important Halloween decoration! The black and red ragged dress and the black witch hat underline the nasty witch face. The mean poisoner prepares some nasty witch brew by means of several Gift Flacon purple LED and she certainly has poisoned Snow White's apple! The magical witch brings her own broom and is a fantastic decoration in the entrance area of your Halloween party, above the witch's kitchen or the toad bar. Head and hands of this great hanging decoration are made of plastic, the witch dress is made of black and red fabric and gauze. Decorate the entire area with Cobweb 40gr white. and our Steinwand film and light it with a LED stroboscope white with Sound and you'll practise witchcraft without using a wand!

Approx. 48cm

Approx. 170cm long, arm span approx. 100cm