Mummified Skeleton

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Mummified Skeleton

Eternal peace is over for this mummy! Now it's out of the sarcophagus and straight to your Halloween party!

Life hasn't been kind to this mummy. Instead of living in eternal peace in the Egyptian afterworld, a thousand years after his death the mummified skeleton was taken out of his sarcophagus and hanged up by the neck.

The mortal remains of the poor fella are still wrapped in gauze bandages but there is nothing left but bones. Looks like the embalmers did a really bad job as the skeleton's bones have become all soft and flexible and can be bent in every direction.
But at least the deceased can party more than in life as he makes a perfect decoration for your Halloween party, Egyptian spook event or "The Mummy" movie night!
Our Creepy skeleton hanging black, the Grim Reaper Hanging Decoration or the Light Up Skeleton Bride would be pleased to keep the Mummified Skeleton company.

Product information:

Material: wire, plastic, foam rubber, hessian
Measurements: length: approx.90 cm, shoulder width approx. 20 cm