Little Monster

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Little Monster

The little beast raptured your party guests at Halloween!

Is it a Gremlin, Troll or Critter? Now, no one knows that for sure, although the little beast to the genus Monster heard is undisputed.Zwiellichtig bickt it mesmerized with its wide-open, fiery eyes into the world.Because his stupid grin, it is difficult to assess whether it just has a bloody meal behind him, or whether it has the next meaty snack on right now.After all, it sits comfortably on a kind of round stone, but the posture betrays great attention.The viewer should be prepared in any case for a sudden attack on the part of the unique items Monsters.

A detailed processing and high-quality latex make our little monster into something very special.Deep furrows run through the whole body and the complexion of the skin is almost earthy reddish.The long, thin, grayish hair reaches almost to the floor and putrid claws are located on the hands and feet.The pointed ears and small horns on his head suggest his demonic origin.The putrid, protruding teeth with two large tusks leave no doubt that the monster for carnivorous genus belongs.At the sight of the little monster really can not be sure whether it will turn out to be a party gag or Partyschreck.The Vampire Zombie Baby and the Mega Giant Zombie Skull with LED Eyes are ideal companion Party on Halloween, which harmonize perfectly with the little beast.

Material: High quality latex
Dimensions: Length ca.30cm, width approx22 cm, depth ca.23 cm