Light Up Skeleton Bride

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Light-Up Skeleton Bride

It was supposed to be the most beautiful day of her life. And how could she have guessed that her beloved was only after her dowry and her heritage. During the banquet he put lethal poison in her wine and she passed away the same night. Since that fatal day her spirit haunts the dark mansion night after night to find her treacherous husband and take revenge on him. The skeleton bride looks eerily beautiful. She is clad in shimmering white tatters and illuminated from the inside by blue LEDs. The Light-Up Skeleton Bride is a super eye-catcher for any Halloween party or horror event and she'll also enjoy living in a ghost ride. This perfectly illuminated Halloween hanging prop is approx. 100cm long with 90cm arm span. It is operated by 2AA batteries which are not included. Our skeleton bride loves a spooky atmosphere which is easy to create with our Steinwand film , Freaky Fabric Beige Deconet and some Cobweb 40gr white. .