Ghost Hanging Figure

Item #: 22231

Ghost Hanging Figure

Classic Halloween Decoration for Grusefans

On Halloween haunted tremendously because ghosts, demons, witches and vampires are everywhere.If you are still looking for a classic Halloween decorations for your party, you're right with the ghosts hanging figure.

The ca.86 cm large creepy ghost hanging figure consists of schaurigem ghosts-head with black eyes, nose and mouth, a long ghost cloth and two arms which can be bent in every possible attitude thanks to the metal wire inside.With the band attached to the head allows the spirits hanging figure easily attached to ceilings and walls.Creepy to the point, it is also the Shaking skeleton in chains and the Vampire Skull Wandrelief ,

  • Delivery: 1 x Ghost Hanging Figure
  • Color: White black
  • Size: approx. 86 cm
  • Material: Fabric, Styrofoam, metal
  • Creepy Halloween Decoration Classic