Brilliant mind hanging figure

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Brilliant mind hanging figure

The clock strikes twelve - welcome to the witching hour

The ghost is often described as incorporeal, equipped with supernatural abilities being , The mind is the classic in the Spukwelten and the temporary appearance will take place regularly at the witching hour at midnight , Sometimes it appears as a figure with human features or incorporeal beings, whose garb reminiscent of a bed sheet.

The substance of the glowing ghost is wrapped ARTIGEM of batting and tulle netting.The arms and the head of the party spirit are flexible and equipped with colorful LED lights that start flashing and the activate action button.The brilliant mind hanging figure has two round black eyes and a mouth.This disco ghost is the favorite on all children's events, Halloween and midnight parties and to combine such.ExampleLuminous skeleton ghost . Dancing Disco spirit and Witch in a Box with Light Up Eyes and Spooky Sound the Dekoknüller.Have fun decorating.

  • White spirit with tulle netting ARTIGEM
  • Size: Wingspan approx80 cm
  • Flexible arms and head
  • Equipped with colorful, flashing LED lights

Note: Batteries for testing purposes only, should be replaced before use new batteries!