Bog bodies Zombie

Item #: 19620

Bog bodies Zombie

A horribly scarred undead corpse from the bog

Bog bodies have an uncanny attraction abhorrent.Whether the dead were lost from the moors, she fell prey to any cruel ritual sacrifice is not understood.In the bog bodies Zombie latter seems to have been the case, because the rope around his neck suggests.What the disfigured undead but does not prevent, to set out on the hunt for fresh brains, also the lack of lower body appears to him not to interfere.

The gruesome disfigured bog body that was a zombie is, wrapped in rotting rags.The fibrous hair swirl around the heavily distorted grimace and you should take care of yourself in front of the skeletal arms and hands.The Deco Figurine you can drape on the ground and hang it with the rope around his neck on the wall.Many more gray-fated decorations such as the Redhead vampire bat with LED eyes and the Verottendes Kartoffelacker skeleton you can find in our range.

The head with torso stump is about 40 cm high, the arms each about 60 cm long.

  • Material: foam, polyester, straw
  • Rotting face
  • Bendable arms
  • Skeleton Hands