Bloody Zombie Deco Prop

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Bloody Zombie Deco Prop

Life size Undead as quality Halloween & ghost train prop

Ever since the TV series "The Walking Dead" zombies are all the rage - the gruesome undead are therefore become respectable.For really hard-core fans of changing movie monster we now have the bloody Zombie Deco Prop, with which you can prove to your next Halloween party, you also face to face facing a bestial Walker can.

The bloody Zombie Decoration Prop is ca.117 cm tall, so a real life-size Decoration Prop because the missing centimeters due solely to the choppy legs of the undead, only one of which is still present, including protruding bone in the form of a bloody stump.Even the underbelly of Zombie Deco Prop resembles a pork feast, because left are just a few entrails and parts of the spine.In addition, the right arm of the undead has been duly nibbled or gnawed by its fellow.The skilful concludes with the head of Walkers with schmerzverzehrten face, long gray hair, greenish eyes and the mouth far augferissenem including yellowish teeth.Of course, also fit the creepy Zombie Granny with baby and the Decayed Graveyard Zombie ,

1 x Bloody Zombie Deco Prop

  • Color: gray / red / green
  • Size: approx. 117 cm
  • Material: Foam, latex, metal, synthetic hair
  • Realistic Zombie Dekofigur as horror props

Warning: This article is a decoration for adults and is not a toy.Not recommended for children under 3 years.May contain small parts that could be swallowed - suffocation.Keep away from fire and open flames.