Alien Baby Prop

Item #: 13863

Alien Baby Prop

What an incredibly horrifying deformed alien foetus!

Every time you look into the black eyes of this Alien Baby Prop, your hair will stand on end! Normally creatures like this one end up on the NASA hazardous waste site! The mutant from outer space make a super cool Halloween hanging prop!

The alien fetus is approx. 60 cm long. It is filled with soft foam rubber and covered with hand-painted latex. The prop comes with a black loop on his head for easy hanging. The Alien Baby Prop makes a great wall decoration for outer space themed Halloween parties. When hanging the prop you have to consider that the backside is not latex covered so the yellow foam is visible. The alien fetus can also be used for creepy table decorations.

For an even gorier look, you can pep up the mutant baby's mouth and teeth with some Blood Gel / Blood Gel 30ml !

Product information:

  • Decorative hanging prop
  • Size: approx. 60 x 37 cm and approx. 17 cm high
  • Material: latex covered foam rubber