Turbo 100 Battery Fireworks 100 rounds

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Turbo 100 Battery Fireworks 100 rounds

By Sound Effect ünterstütztes Year fireworks with Pfeifeffekt

100 rounds, rising in quick succession, followed by shrill Pfeifeffekte bang.

1 x 100 Turbo Battery Fireworks 100 rounds

  • Colour: Silver
  • Shot: 100
  • Rising height: 30,00m
  • Effect Duration: 50s
  • Class: KAT 2 (F2)

This firework is only available from us at our store Landsham and is not sold online or sent by us! Fireworks Class 2 can only 3 days before New Year's, so from the 29th12thin our horror shop.com Superstore in Landsham are acquired by persons of legal age.The horror Store Citystore sells no fireworks.Outside and New Year to year-round purchase to request and pick up fireworks unless there us a fireworks permit their community for the deflagration of consumer fireworks for your event tradespeople with us.