Sparklers / Sternwerfer

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Sparklers / Sternwerfer

Sparkling Sparklers for birthday party

Sparklers / Sternwerfer that find their use in many occasions.Use the adult fireworks as a cocktail decorations for conjuring tricks and birthday parties.But for Christmas decoration sparklers / Sternwerfer are always happy to use.

Now Order your pack Sternwerfer with 10 pieces in packaging.The sparklers are 18 cm long

Package contents: 1 pack sparklers / Sternwerfer

  • Contents: 10 pieces
  • length 18cm
  • Burning time: ca.45 seconds
  • from age 12 years Family Safe
  • Use only outdoors
Use Individually via non-combustible surface.A sparkler after another fire at the far end.
Safety distance: 1 meter, wound candle away from all body parts and combustible materials.Avoid breathing smoke! Spent sparkler z.B.Pour in a bucket of water! Contains barium! When Einatmenvom smoke and harmful if swallowed.
Sale to persons under 12 prohibited!
KAT 1 (F1)
NEM: ca.12.6 g (per unit ca.1,3 g)
Gross weight: ca.22 g.