Pop Devil / Knallerbsen 10 items

Item #: 13600

Pop Devil / Knallerbsen 10 items

Loud bang devil as Halloween & Sylvester fun

Crushing bang devil or crackers are a popular for decades fun stuff and a strong shock and thus laughs are guaranteed.The small, colorful crackers are simply thrown to the ground and create a terrible bang! So if someone cough up to Halloween no sweets, a Knallerbse's the perfect revenge and next year is determined something delicious at the door.

In the box are 10 firecrackers.The crackers are family safe, year-round sale.

1 x Pop Devil / Knallerbsen

  • Content: 10 Knallerbsen per can
  • Youth camp for sale
  • Available all year
  • Fireworks Category 1

Sale to persons under 12 prohibited! Delivery / storage permitted only in unopened original packing.Use only outdoors! Risk of fire or blast or throw pieces.Keep away from heat / sparks / open flames / hot surfaces.Do not smoke.