Ilios Battery Fireworks 49 Shot

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Ilios Battery Fireworks 49 Shot

Swirling god of light as a New Year's Eve fireworks

49 shot, igniting in succession, alternately rising red, silver and blue flares with transformation silver eddies.

1 x Ilios Battery Fireworks 49 Shot

  • Shot: 49
  • Color: Red, Silver, Blue
  • Rising height: 35,00m
  • Effect Duration: 35s
  • Class: KAT 2 (F2)

These fireworks are only available from us at our store and will not be sent by us! Individuals may fireworks from the 29th12th2015-31.12th2015 in our horror shop acquire Superstore in Landsham.The horror Store Citystore sells no fireworks.Outside and New Year to year-round purchase fireworks unless there us a fireworks permit their community for the deflagration of consumer fireworks for your event tradespeople with us.