Feuerspucker 4p-box

Item #: 25529

Feuerspucker 4p-box

Mini volcanoes as youth free fireworks

Many small mini-volcanoes that haunt Gold fire and thus provide fun and good humor on the child's birthday and New Year's Eve.The adult fireworks is for children ages 12 and love the dragon romance and adventure.

The Feuerspucker fireworks beinhalteversuch 4 mini volcanoes and is open all year for purchase.Youth free from the age of 12 years.

1 x Feuerspucker 4-box

  • Content: 4 pieces
  • Rising height: 1,00m
  • Effect Duration: 10 seconds
  • Class: Kat 1
  • Youth camp, from 12 years
  • Open all year for purchase