Teddy Scares MUndy Drudge 30cm

Item #: 15698

Teddy Scares Mundy Drudge 30cm

When you were a child, your Teddy Scares Rita Mortis 22cm bear was there to love you and protect you from the dark. Now that you're grown and your childhood friend is long forgotten, he returns! 'Cause your cuddly toy never forgot about you!

Mundy Drudge:

Mundy's body was discarded in the corner of a garage with various rusty tools and other junk forgotten about long ago. Horribly disfigured and soft no more, his face is harsh from bolts that hide away the horrors within. You might need to protect yourself against your childhood friend. We can offer you a Browning pistol HP / GP 35 replica or a Butcher Knife Butcher Knife ...but you better be ware, Mundy's deceitful.

The teddy is made of soft plush and about 30cm high.