Teddy Scares Eli Wretch 30cm

Item #: 15697

Teddy Scares Eli Wretch 30 cm

In your childhood Your Teddy was there to love you and protect them from the darkness of night.

Now that you are older and your toys have by then long forgotten, this will return! For your stuffed animal has never forget.Eli had once been bought as a souvenir at a gas station at a rest area.The Teddy was intended as a substitute for a father of his family destroyed by abuse and beatings and never was sober at home.When the father overnight vanished without a trace remained Eli only the memory of a man whom nobody will really miss.Only the small Honey Bear Child Costume Size 104 and a bloody wrench knew the secret to his disappearance.,,,,More Horror Stuffed bears are our Teddy Scares Rita Mortis 22cm or the Teddy Scares Granger Evermore 30cm ,

  • Size: approx. 30cm